katherine sexton

hello and welcome.


I’m a web developer in Charlotte with a staunch love of minimalism, an unyielding desire to learn, and an eagerness to grow.


Born and raised in Columbia, SC, I moved to Charlotte just after graduating cum laude from USC’s Mass Communications program with a degree in Advertising. I landed an internship at an ad agency doing websites that blossomed into a full-time job. To be honest, I accidentally fell into web development which seems like the norm these days and I'm surprised at how much I still enjoy it every day while my Advertising degree slowly dusts on the wall.

When not working, I try to write as much as I can, try as much craft beer as I can, and imbibe in more coffee than a person should. I also have an immense, gloriously nerdy obsession with D&D, comic books–enough that the wonderful book slingers at Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find could pick me out of a lineup–and video games. I’m currently making my way through Stardew Valley and I’m working on a Twitch channel.


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